Do I have to give credit to a photographer when I use their photo?

The panophoto.eu license uses the Creative Commons Zero license, which doesn't require credit to be given. However, we encourage giving credit to the photographer if possible, since they generously donated their photographs for use by the public.

A simple credit like 'Photo by x' with a link back to their panophoto.eu profile is always appreciated.

Can I use panophoto.eu photographs for commercial purposes?

Of course! The panophoto.eu license allows for photographs to be used for any purpose - both commercial and personal. Blogs, art, book covers, tshirts, and more - paid or unpaid - they're all allowed under the license.

Can I sell panophoto.eu photos?

Legally, the CC0 license allows you to sell the photos posted on panophoto.eu. However, the Creative Commons and panophoto.eu communities are pretty vocal in their dislike for this (not to mention it makes no economic sense, since the photo is already free).

We recommend never selling another photographer's work without adding to it creatively, through remixing or other methods. A simple way to think about this is to ask yourself: did I add something to this in a way that deserves value? If I were the original photographer, would I see this as a creative use of my photo?

How are photos selected to be featured as photospheres of the week?

The photospheres of the week photos (1 each week) are chosen by view counts and by our team. Since the curators are from varied backgrounds, it brings a wide range of photographs and different styles to the featured photos.

How do I get my photo in the "Most visited" feed?

The photos in the Most visited are chosen by how many views count. To increase your chances of being in the most visited section, share your photospheres on social media sites so more peole can see them.

Can I delete a photo once uploaded?

Yes. Login to your account (by facebook or google plus) and click on your name go to your album where you will get all your uploaded photospheres. Here you have the possibility to delete your uploaded photos. Find the photo you want to delete and click 'Delete'.

However, due to the nature of the license, once a photo is released under CC0, the license is permanent and non-revocable, which means that your photo can continue to be used by the public (though it won't be available on the panophoto.eu website). For more read the Creative Commons FAQ on the CC0 license.

If you upload a photo anonimously you will not be able to manage the photosphere. Only the panophoto.eu team can remove the photo.

Why do we ask for a photo's title/description/labels?

Adding the title/description/labels help other users or visitors to find an image which is included in the right context of their search.

We will automatically examine the photospheres metadata and if geo data is available we will show the photospheres location

Why do you ask for a photo's EXIF metadata?

Adding optional EXIF metadata is a great way for other photographers to discover more information about your photo, including details about what camera, lens, and settings you used to take a specific photo.